Drink #10


Carolynne is a new friend. I first met her through Nobu (see Drink #2) about 10 years ago but it wasn’t until last September when we started working together that I “got it” . Carolynne is awesome. She is a woman. She is tough. She is funny. She is brutally honest which I’m told is a “Chinese thing”. She is also a mother which is not a common factor among my friends. 

"Do you have something to discuss?" she said when we sat down. She, like quite a few people, hadn’t fully grasped my email with the subject: "Free for a drink?" and just a link to this tumblr in the message. I explained my motivation and she got cutely shy. For a strong woman who is definitely on the scene, she’s prefers anonymity. Too Late!

Carolynne gets right to the heart of all matters. The question of whether I want children dominated our lunch. She had a lot to say on the matter as someone who made her own decision late in the game. Career vs Family is an extremely hot topic among my girlfriends. The guys, not so much. 

The rest of our time together involved her delicious salad vs my cole slaw with sauce on the side. I’m on a cleanse for some reason. It was awful. She also introduced me to some film makers who I should know. She’s really good about that. I’m getting better at it.