Drink #12


Rebecca and I have a storied history. We first met back in the Martimes when she was not yet dating the best friend of my at the time recent exboyfriend who I was still good friends with. She had an eyebrow ring, a fact of which I always remind her. Cut to five years later and the four of us were all living in Toronto, hanging out several nights a week watching movies and eating a ridiculous amount of junk food. Then she and her boyfriend broke up. Then she and my aforementioned exboyfriend fell in love. Oh and we also played in a band together for several years before she quit after having her second child with the ex. Mine not hers. It’s now about 16 years since our first eyebrow ring meeting. 

I see Rebecca often. A stay at home mother of two is usually very welcoming of visiters. But to go out one on one is a real rarity. Our drink night got off to a shaky start after our meeting place ended up being booked for a private function. I walked, she rode, through the almost rain to find somewhere else. We happened upon an unclaimed wine bar and settled in. 

Our conversations are always easy, not the topics so much as the flow. We have a low, slow, underanimated rapport which I’ve realized, for me at least, is particular to her. We in no way have to impress each other. With that out of the way, we have a very honest relationship. We talked mental illness, relationships, home repair and her kids, who I will never tire of talking about because I love them to death. 

Rebecca stayed out until after 11 that night which makes me feel proud for both of us.