Drink #19


Regrettably for Sarah she was on a cleanse the night we met up. I did my best arm twisting but evidently hers is not made of rubber. So with her water with a touch of lemon in hand (my hand held a Dark and Stormy), we settled in at a newish winebar that has yet to be ruined.

There is a lot to talk about with Sarah. Our paths interweave in complex ways dating back to young and foolish times (Halifax in the 90s). Everything and everyone has changed yet nothing has changed. That’s why it is exciting to me that Sarah has broken the mould and enthusiastically accepted a marriage proposal a couple of months ago. It’s the kind of news that, once made public, spread like wildfire in the most positive of ways. Great guys are out there! Love exists! Commitment is romantic! Yay! Of course nothing is without its complication, but ya know… Baggageless marriages in one’s 20s and kids by 30 has never been a fathomable reality for anyone I know. Or at least any graduate of the forever young scene Sarah and I both come from. Is it because we were all too self involved? Driven? Lazy?

Our night didn’t go too late as Sarah was on the job the next day. She’s a stylist/costume designer for a large portion of underfunded Canadian films and their red carpet premieres. She dresses the same actors that I eventually book to come talk about their projects on my show. It’s always fun to compare notes.

BLIND ITEM - This B- list actress who has yet to break out of Canadian film likes to get naked and … Oh I can’t do it. This industry is way too small.

Anyhoo… we wrapped it up and headed over to visit aforementioned fiance at his hip bar where hip people were unironically singing 90s karaoke because, as we realized in horror, they didn’t experience it the first time around. Is that what people in their 50s think when we sing Fleetwood Mac with unabashed love? I’m blowing my own mind right now.