Drink #24

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When Noah and I met up at a so-hip-it’s-packed-at-9:30 bar we tried to figure out when and if we’d ever met before. We must have, we deduced but neither could remember when or how. It could have been in the 90s, it could have been at a party over Christmas. But we’re facebook friends so that happened at some point for some reason. Social media can really make you feel like you know a person. I don’t remember life before you could find out what a person likes, who a person knows, where they went to school, their sign, their relationship status, their photographic abilities and where they will be on a given night - in a matter of seconds.  As for Noah, I knew he was a dad and a good writer. I also knew he mastered records because he did so for my band some time ago, but we didn’t even meet then. 

By the time we got to our second location (hip bar = too loud) Noah filled me with terrible tales of online dating mishaps of which he’s had his fair share. I love hearing these story as it serves as ammunition for people who hound me to sign up. It’s just not happening. 

After leaving location number two due to the sound assault of live music - ugh - we found ourselves at a private members club with even worse music. But the conversation was good. Topics discussed included cultural jews vs religious jews, nihilism, how long is too long to grieve a dead pet and dry shampoo. We also filled in the blanks on mutual friends and situations which made it even more inconceivable that we never had met before this night. I’m sure glad we did though. Transition from facebook to reality achieved.