Drink #31

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I had so much fun with Yael, I made this one a two parter. Also part one was cut short and we both knew there was so much more to talk about.

I was happy to introduce someone so cultured, connected and embedded in Toronto to a place she hadn’t been. We met at my favourite haunt at 6:45 sharp on a work day, as busy people tend to do. On top of a crazy successful career Yael is also a mother, so our window was small and we made the most of our time. 

Yael is a name I have heard for years. “You don’t know Yael?”, “You and Yael have to meet?”, “You’re like the east coast version of Yael.” We did end up meeting about a year ago and she’s one of the first people I “asked out” for this project. Nine months in, it happened. And truly our paths are so similar it’s like we just picked up from assumed prior knowledge and went from there. Of course we both had college radio shows. Of course we dated musicians. Of course we’ve struggled with the commercial nature of our art. Of course we’re viewed as strong women in in the work place but feel completely helpless in other life areas. Done, moving on. What we really decided we wanted to do together, is dance. Over the date part two. 

This night we met up in a small, loud, overcrowded bar on a saturday on the warmest night of the year so far. Needless to say we didn’t get into too deep a discussion about anything. We just danced and had fun as evidenced from above (tall can not pictured) . That’s sometimes what you have to do when everything else seems really hard.