Drink #35

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Manny and I have probably hung out together over 200 times but this was my first Mano-a-Manny. We’re part of a pretty solid gang (Drinks #5 and #15 included) who worked together back in the old dayz. Manny’s still in that job and we talked a lot about if, when and why he’d ever get out. At 33 he’s asking himself the same questions I did at 29, 33 and 39 - is it time to make a big change. For me that meant changing jobs but there are other ways to mix things up in life obviously.

Once we settled in at the bar (after three failed attempts at other locations. Tuesday on Dundas, who knew?) we got heavy into TV talk. Not about shows we watch though one in particular did come up a few times, but about the industry of television and the future of our livelihoods. Could Netflix kill network television? Yes. Do we love Netflix? Yes. We also got into philosophical banter about technology, like what’s the best way to end a text conversation and the difference between Grinder and Tinder. There’s a big one by the way.

Manny’s always good for a giggle. In fact his nickname has long been Giggle Boots though he argues it’s Giggle Muffin. The girls love him because he’s the kind of guy who walks you to your door no matter what. The guys love him because he can out nerd them in matters of sneakers, video games, sci-fi and hip hop. I’ve never seen him mad except when he is defending a friend. When I told him a guy harassed me on the way to work recently, he found him, followed him, called the cops and got him arrested. I kid you not, Manny is gold.

So in true stand up guy fashion, when it came time to pay up, he insisted on footing the bill. Unfortunately the bar didn’t take VISA and his debit was defected. I happily paid to his discomfort. Now here’s the kicker. He texted me in the morning to arrange an email transfer. He’ll kill me that I told that story but now is as good as any time to start my new campain. Manny for Mayor!