40 Drinks.


A thought came to me on my 40th birthday, or more like a question. How can I own this? How can I make it fun? Subtext: how can I slow this down and stay young as long as I can? Well the first thing to do is start a tumblr - obvs (that’s what the youthz say, yes?). 

The truth is I don’t really feel old. 40 is a scary number but it feels more like a party trick at this point. “YOU are 40!!??” If others don’t see me as old, I don’t have to either. But “old” or not, 40 does represent something to me. I am undeniably an adult. 

Then I read this article in the NYT (adult paper) and it got me thinking. I am not going to let “adulthood” stand in the way of good times and good friendships. Besides a steal of a house and a pretty great job, my friends are all I’ve got in this city. My friends are my adult family. 

So here I am launching “40 Drinks”. I’m setting out to have 40 one on one drinks with 40 different people until I am 40 no longer (July 12, 2013). They don’t have to be alcoholic (the drinks not the friends) and they certainly don’t have to be “dates”. This is about solidifying bonds and hopefully creating some new ones. I will document each meeting here with text and photos. 

It won’t be as easy as I’m making it sound. Truth be told I’m actually quite shy. But maybe there’s no room for shyness in my 40s. Putting it on the internet means I have to do it. Are you free for a drink?