Drink #41 (if reading for the first time, start at #1!)

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Well I had to do it. I had to pour myself a glass of rosé (thanks random birthday party attendee) and have a drink with myself. A 41st drink… ‘cause I’m 41. You with me? 

It’s reflection time. First of all, a big thanks to everyone who participated in  40 Drinks, or LordyLordy, I seem to have given this project two names. The buy-in of participation is not lost on me. There has to be a level of trust to speak candidly for a couple of hours and then let the chips fall where they may, in this case the internet. I did my very best to be honest, respectful, flattering (yes I did) and exercise discretion when it was called for.  It was often called for. Pretty much every conversation included the words “don’t put this part in.” 

I had to edit some posts after the fact, send some for pre-approvals, explain what I meant by certain things, apologize for others. Some people I haven’t spoken to since our drink, others have become a surprisingly big part of my life. Over the course of the year two drink subjects got married (to each other),  an engagement proposal was made, two babies were born and one is popping out any second now. There were some break ups and some moves to other towns, a house was bought and a job was lost. So basically life happened. 

As for me, my life is quite unchanged from this time last year in that my “stats” are the same. There’s a couple ways to look at that but tonight I’m choosing to be happy. I have my health and my home and a lot of even more solid friendships. I lost a dear cat this year which I think I was too sad to write about at the time but thankfully beyond that, those in my life are healthy too. 

I’ve rediscovered my love of writing and also, though only using a point-and-shoot, photographing people. I know some of you think you look too drunk. Well suck it up, you were. Anyhoo, I’m quite eager to start up something else to keep my creative juices flowing (excuse the disgusting visual). Ideas welcome. In fact your comments are welcome too. I’ve had some great supporters during this process when at times I wasn’t sure if anyone was reading. Side note, Google Analytics tells me a have an avid follower in Japan. Shout out to Japan!!

So, thank you again for your time and interest and for some, participation. See you at 50.

XO Cat