Drink #1


Meeting up with Adrian at 416 Snack Bar is a bit of a cheat but also fitting for my first drink of this series. He owns the place with his partner in crime Dave. The bar has been open for just over a year and a half and it just happens to be about 30 seconds away from my home. I expect a good portion of my 40 drinks - and 40th year - will take place here. 

Even though Adrian technically served me my vodka soda while working behind the bar, he did pour a drink of his own. A glass of rosé. We had a nice chat. There’s usually more to the dudes and gals who serve your drinks than you observe. Adrian for example finished architecture studies then decided to devote his life to making Toronto’s restaurant industry a little bit more interesting. Though the idea of a bar that serves “snack only” without cutlery may seem low brow it’s actually high concept and Adrian takes it very seriously.

We also discussed the phenomenon that is Queen and Bathurst. Anyone who has lived or worked in the neighbourhood will have their own story of getting spit on (me) or having to show unruly drunks the door (him). But it’s our corner and we both love it. 

I don’t want to turn this site into a Toronto bar blog but I do want to share, with whoever might be reading this, information about the people and places I think are cool. Adrian is cool and so is 416 Snack Bar.