Drink #2


Nobu is literally my oldest friend. We met when we were both seven years old playing at a beach on Prince Edward Island. He was from Toronto which I probably had never heard of. I was from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia which he definitely had never heard of. But both our families called little cottages in Keppoch, PEI home for a large portion of the summer. Still do.

Now 33 years later we meet for a drink. This is not a reunion. Nobu and I have stayed in each others’ lives pretty much the whole time but more so in the last 15 years. We both lived in Halifax at the same time, both moved to Toronto at the same time, both lost our fathers, both ended up working in television. He is also the co-creator of Choir!Choir!Choir! which I used to be a part of but not anymore. It doesn’t matter. Nobu and I are solid and there’s no getting rid of me. 

Despite our destiny to be friends we very rarely meet up one on one to talk. Under the context of this blog, Nobu arrives nervous like he has to make it count. Whatever, I say. We’re 40. This is what adults do. 

Turns out of course there’s lots to talk about. Nobu always has something on the go. Usually three things. His life is exciting and it inspires me to get out there and do something. He’s also pretty good at making me feel like I can. He recalled a conversation we had a couple of years ago in which he told me he was making a short film about the Reitman family to be played in a loop in the lobby of the new TIFF Bell Lightbox. I asked how he knew he could do that. He said he just did it. I said I didn’t think I could. He said that’s ridiculous. We’ve both remember the conversation well and I think about it whenever I face a challenge. Like this blog.