Drink #3


Truthfully, Tamara and I had already scheduled our get together before I launched 40 Drinks. She’s better about staying in touch then I am and I’m thankful for that. Years ago she nicknamed me Kitty Cat for which I’m also thankful. 

Me and T used to be coworkers on a TV show and then she became my boss. We don’t work together anymore which in a way makes us closer. Workplaces are funny. You spend the majority of your waking hours with people someone else chooses for you, and sometimes you become work friends and you might even hang out after work, then when you no longer work together you really don’t see them anymore and that’s usually ok. The older you get and the more jobs you go through, goodbye parties become more honest. Goodbye, good luck, see you never. But if you do stay in each other’s lives, it’s by choice and that’s when friendships flourish.

I’ve been really lucky to hang on to some solid people I’ve met throughout my career. Tamara is one of them. As we met over tea we did our summer catch ups, talked shop a bit, guardedly compared plans for the Toronto International Film Festival and new season launches… then she got an alert on her phone about KStew cheating on RPatz and it all went to hell. Celeb gossip is a pretty easy conversation started or in this case, conversation ender. But it can be fun and we went there. She thought Ben Affleck was cooler when he was with JLo, I disagreed.  Yadda Yadda Yadda.

Frivolity aside, the industry is small and competitive and harsh and I really think hard working women should stick together because one of us will end up ruling the world.