Drink # 14


I haven’t spoken much here about my career aspiration mainly because I don’t know what they are. But when I had an after work drink with Trish, it really got me thinking about them and about the landscape of Canadian television. Trish works for a private broadcaster which I have done in the past though now I’m with that public one, God help me. Where as I for years now have held respectably upper middle job titles, she gets to actually be a top decision maker and use her own TASTE! Amazing. What’s even more amazing is that we met at 5:30pm, albeit a friday. Still, it’s been a while since I literally walked the sidewalks among the actual 9 to 5ers. 

I met Trish through mutual friends. I don’t really know how those friends met Trish but when you work to put stories on Canadian screens big or small, the degrees of separation are quite few. Anyhow, upon our first meeting I focused in on her like a laser, which in my style means quietly mentally bookmarking her existence  This was someone I needed to know, learn from, share ideas with, share wine with… good thing I have this blog.

Our drink was short as she had dinner plans because that’s the kind of powerful modern successful woman she is ( I’m typing this with a Tina Fey voice). Actually I had plans too. We talked about our mutual neighbourhood and home owning. About coming to Toronto from the non Toronto world, relationship balancing acts and then - BLIND ITEM ALERT - a Canadian up and coming actress who could be about to break but should really leave her over hyping publicist behind.  Maybe that’s what the Canadian star system needs, more gossip. That could be my next project after 40 drinks. And maybe Trish would do it with me. But if you ask us we’ll deny it because we’re classy like that.