Drink #15


It’s harder to get the motivation to organize drink sessions when it’s cold out. In fact on this first day of wearing my winter coat it was a miracle I got up off the couch to go meet Jose at Get Well, a newish bar his pals opened up. But the thing about being in a friendly bar on a cold Tuesday night is, everybody is in the same boat and is just happy to be inside, among the company of others, drinking brew under the warm glow of candles and free video games. 

There’s always a lot to catch up on with Jose. He’s capital A Ambitious which appears to be paying off for him in full these days. Fresh off a let’s-get-the-party-started business trip to L.A., he had plenty of stories of what could be. He’s one of those kinds of friends you never really know exactly what he does until his name pops up in the cool publication you happen to be reading anyway, or he’s tagged in a “multi-layered narrative experience" you saw in someone else’s Facebook post. If everything goes as planned we’ll be seeing his name in the opening credits on a larger screen in near years to come. Right under the word "Original Screenplay". 

Jose and I share a love of movies (and TV, pizza and cute animals. So basically we’re normal humans) and have attended many a gang cineplex outing together over the years. He’s someone who I can rely on to see the good in the really really bad, and vice versa. No culture is too pop or brow too low for this guy. That’s kind of the linking factor of the friend group in which we met, a bunch of developmentally arrested adults making television for teens while desperately trying to impose the “smart” layer. It’s 10 years later now and most of us have moved along but our meeting of minds sessions are frequent and often take place around the release of new Twilight movies. Ya ya, it’s tradition.

Our night was pleasantly interrupted by Drink #13 as the bar began to fill up (Tuesday night!) then Jose was off into the cold to move and shake a bit more before his head hit the pillow.