Drink #16


There’s a old Friends episode in which Monica dates a guy named Fun Bobby. I think I will from here on in call Mike, Fun Mikey. Maybe it is the mutual eastcoasterness, I don’t know, but when I started a new job a year and a half ago, Mike was a shining light. As soon as we recognized we were both from NS, we became unstoppable Maritime Maties. We had the obligatory do you know this person, do you know that person conversation which lead to one pretty strong crossover connection. I don’t know if it’s fair to say everyone from the east coast is nice but I sure like the ones I know in Toronto. Mike especially. Smart, laugh out loud funny, a dead on mimic, good worker and always up for a good time.

Case in point, Mike sent out an email the other day to everyone at work hoping we would join him at a local trivia night. Fun! And we did ! Fun! And we did terribly but yelled the whole time. Fun! Before our ultimate demise and before the peanut gallery showed up, Mike and I shared some pumpkin beer and some laughs. But like the best fun people, Mike has many more dimensions and it took spending one on one time to learn about them. In case it hasn’t become apparent, that is the purpose of this project.

Without getting in to details, because the purpose of this project is NOT to betray people’s privacy, we really got down to some things. These are the times you realize everyone pretty much has the same fears and worries and anxieties even if they seem to have ideal lives on the outside. An important point to remember. 

As mentioned above, we did not fare well at trivia that night (it was Christmas themed) but I had a really good time with people I don’t ever see outside the office. This is grown up. This is 40 (has Judd Apatow copyrighted that yet?).