Drink #37

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There’s a reason Grant was wearing a cowboy hat. I’m not entirely sure what it was but it had to do with his job or his corporate duty or something. He’s one busy guy so we literally drank a beer each with luggage under the table ready to accompany him back to Vancouver. 

Grant is as West Coast as I am East Coast, but unlike me, he still calls his home home. And never was there a bigger champion of that home. Grant is to mountains and mooses as maple syrup is to pancakes. And when it comes to CanCon, he’s the Don. You may have heard him over the airwaves, read his book or seen his old band. If not, you are not very Canadian. 

I think I first met Grant through Drink #21 who introduced him as the funniest/mean-funny person he knows (a compliment). But it wasn’t until he hooked up with Drink #7 that we became close. Now they are about to have a baby which is also why he was so eager to get home. We sat down as he was wrapping up a cross country tour driving a car and talking to musicians. But strangely we barely talked about it. Instead we compared opinions on a recent scandalous article EVERYBODY was talking about (no link necessary . We also discussed the future of our common workplace.

The end of our drink was crashed by Drink #21 and the conversation turned to fatherhood and advice from a two timer to a-soon-be. Well maybe less advice than a good luck and have fun with that. It’s almost like having kids is hard or something. Grants informed us he wants four. Good luck with that.