Drink #38

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Amil basically told me my blog is boring and that I need to step it up. With challenge accepted she laid out a plan to kidnap me for one of my few remaining spots and take me to interesting and unknown places around to Toronto while photographing our adventure.

None of that happened.

As I already know, it takes effort and planning to be spontaneous. With my unusually busy week and her impeding two month move to LA we couldn’t even keep our original date let alone plan. But that’s all ok. We do what we can do. So this night we just met at a very fine rooftop with a legendary/misleading name

Amil and I work in the same building for the same corporation but I see her more at parties than in the elevator. And though we did tell some gossipy elevator stories, work really didn’t come up that much over our excessive school night drinking. Instead we enjoyed some hours of story swapping.  Talking to someone who doesn’t already know your deal is like having a hangout handicap (the golf kind, not the other). It’s just easier to win. Perhaps this sports analogy ends here.

Amil’s got good stories under her own woven belt and I heard some doozies. She’s one of those people who goes along for the adventure, probably storing all of life’s weirdness in her brain for the down-the-road tell-all we all imagine we’ll one day write. The difference is she might actually do it.

She is taking a break from life in the aforementioned elevators to tackle the land of cars and sunshine. Many of my drink conversations over this last year have been Los Angeles heavy. There’s a definite pull in many Torontonian hearts right now. I too was there only two weeks ago. Is there a solid reason to go to LA to do what you can be doing here? No. Is it better just to do it there anyway? Probably. 

Amil can report back in two months.