Drink #39

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Arianne is married. I think that’s how our mutual friend introduces her in order to stave off potential suitors. She’s a catch for sure. In fact she’s one of those girls other girls would hate if she wasn’t so damn nice. I have found this out recently through a brief work stint together, a fun day to night festival and a peculiar wedding celebration. She’s a good date. 

She’s also very private, like me, which is making this entry tricky to write. But we actually did talk about our mutual inwardness in relation to a project she just completed which required strangers to anonymously reveal their personal stories about love (not necessarily love stories). I said I would never do this. I think she agreed but now that I think back, she may have kept that opinion to herself. 

She’s filled with other secrets too, which I coaxed out of her on an increasingly crowded back patio, like that she made a film, and then went on TV to talk about it. Oh and she has a Masters in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies.  She’s done extensive work with Doctors Without Borders and is currently co-producing a play. Also she is looking for work. Talk about criminal. 

It’s when I spend time with people like Arianne that I realize how insanely lucky I am to have had steady employment in television for 15 years, and even weirdo retail and service industry jobs for years before that. Not that she couldn’t get some sort of job in a second, it’s a job deserving of her which is the challenge (my thoughts not hers of course.)

But steady work also doesn’t afford one the time, opportunity or motivation to do those other kind of projects that feel so rewarding. It does pay for leaky basement repairs though. Or a percentage of it. Stay tuned on that one.